111 Things That Bring Me Joy

What aspects of your life bring you the most joy?

Asking yourself this question daily is essential in helping you let go of the things that aren’t serving you anymore. So you can make room for brighter opportunities!

For example, I’ve been focusing on writing lists and visualizing my perfect day lately. Having a clear idea of what I’d like to achieve and attract into my life allows me to have specific goals to work towards.

In no particular order, here are 111 simple things that bring me joy:

  1. The magnificent feeling of diving into the ocean after being in land for a month
  2. Spontaneity
  3. Magnesium salt baths with a view
  4. Small acts of kindness
  5. Family camping holidays
  6. Silliness with my sisters
  7. Mother Terisa’s nurturing
  8. An unexpected handwritten note
  9. Endless opportunities & possibilities
  10. Meditation
  11. Vanlife road trips
  12. Snorkeling beautiful coral reefs
  13. Drinking fresh young coconuts
  14. A hug from an old, dear friend
  15. Turmeric + cinnamon + honey + almond milk latte
  16. Mindfulness
  17. Delicious, wholesome, nutritious food
  18. Candlelight picnics
  19. Scuba diving shipwrecks
  20. Skydiving
  21. Generosity
  22. Deep tissue massages
  23. How cleansed you feel after having a sauna
  24. Rainy Sunday afternoons
  25. The excitement of the unknown future
  26. Stargazing under a clear sky full of stars
  27. Fresh flowers
  28. A genuine smile
  29. A hearty, long, loud, uncontrollable laughing fit
  30. Dress up theme parties
  31. “Please” & “Thank you”
  32. Audiobooks & podcasts
  33. Sun salutations
  34. Journaling
  35. Dancing
  36. Talented musicians & live music
  37. Being front row at music festivals
  38. Building a bomb fire on a deserted beach
  39. Drinking red wine with an old friend on a cliff overlooking the ocean
  40. Taking photographs in exotic destinations
  41. Reading in bed
  42. Exploring a foreign place with no schedule or plan
  43. Meeting like-minded, interesting people
  44. Self learning
  45. Sailing the open sea
  46. Gardening
  47. Surfing small peeling turquoise waves with friends, family, dolphins, and turtles
  48. Snowboarding fresh powder
  49. The thought of spending my time exploring every inch of this world
  50. Seeing happy vibrant passionate people doing what they love
  51. Op shop fashion parades in Los Angeles
  52. Afternoon mohito’s on Boracay Island
  53. Wynwood art district, Miami
  54. Infinity pools
  55. Potluck dinner parties
  56. Hot coconut milk chai on a chilly morning
  57. Running the Byron Bay lighthouse loop
  58. Talking to strangers on planes
  59. Watching the sunrise and sunset
  60. Being outside
  61. Waking energized after a full 8 hours of sleep
  62. Living in the moment
  63. Daydreaming
  64. Stimulating conversations
  65. Chasing waterfalls
  66. Taking risks
  67. Thought provoking documentaries
  68. Giving and receiving compliments
  69. Green tea + ginger tea
  70. Shooting stars
  71. Exotic accents
  72. Reminiscing on past travel experiences and new friends
  73. Yacht parties in Ibiza
  74. Handcrafting vision boards
  75. Feeling appreciated
  76. Intuitive readings + oracle guidance cards
  77. Optimistic humans
  78. Acceptance
  79. Living consciously
  80. Being curious
  81. Avocados
  82. Volunteering
  83. My little cousins Ella & Archie
  84. A full moon
  85. Kombucha
  86. Corny life and travel quotes
  87. Air diffusers burning essential oils
  88. Smoothie bowls
  89. White dresses & pastel colored clothes
  90. Productivity hacks
  91. Vegetable omelets laced with garlic, ginger, and turmeric
  92. Flying
  93. Lahni, Jessie & Meagan
  94. Polaroid photos
  95. Sunshine
  96. Being wholeheartedly in love
  97. Clean sheets
  98. Visiting friends I’ve met traveling
  99. Seeing 11:11
  100. Free diving with whale sharks in the Philippines
  101. Telling people how amazing they are
  102. Listing 4 things I’m grateful for every morning
  103. Exploring Mallorca, Spain on scooters
  104. Minimalism
  105. Aha moments
  106. Setting and achieving goals
  107. Double rainbows
  108. Good storytellers
  109. Asking questions
  110. Spirituality
  111. Being in service to others

Now it’s your turn, get specific! What brings you joy in life? How can you adjust your life accordingly? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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